Denver Broncos uniform change a Super Bowl omen based on team history

The uniform change is a good omen
Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos / Aubrey Lao/GettyImages

The Denver Broncos' uniform change has been one of the biggest stories of the 2024 offseason for the team. The last time the Broncos changed uniforms was in 1997, so the big changes made in 2024 were historic from that perspective.

So what if the team changed uniforms? It's just a uniform. It doesn't matter how you look, it matters how you play.

For some, the uniform changes are more meaningful than others. But everyone in Broncos Country can certainly get on board for the idea that uniform changes typically mean a lot of winning happens in Broncos Country. And not just a lot of winning, but what if I told you that a uniform change in Denver over the last 30 years has led to -- at a minimum -- a Super Bowl?

Denver Broncos last uniform overhaul: 1997

As previously mentioned, the last time the Denver Broncos had a uniform overhaul was in the 1997 offseason. When this uniform overhaul took place, it was the first time the Broncos had really changed uniforms in 30 years. The uniforms that are being worn as throwbacks in 2024 are the primary uniforms the team wore from 1968-1996.

Of course, when the Broncos made their major uniform change in that 1997 season, they were fresh off of one of the most disappointing playoff losses in franchise history -- a loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars. The uniform change may not have been the catalyst, but the team won Super Bowl XXXII against the Green Bay Packers that year, followed by a win against the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl XXXIII the very next season.

Denver Broncos next major uniform change: 2012

After the Broncos changed uniforms in 1997, they remained the same (mostly) until the 2012 season which coincided with the arrival of legendary quarterback Peyton Manning. The NFL moved from Reebok to Nike jerseys in 2012 and the Broncos also heard the cries of the fan base who desperately wanted orange to be the primary color of the home uniforms.

In 2012, the Broncos moved permanently from the navy blue jerseys as their home uniform tops to the orange, and the switch over to orange Nike home uniforms was coincidentally the beginning of one of the most dominant eras of Denver Broncos football anyone in this fan base has known.

The Broncos reached the Super Bowl during the 2013 season and won Super Bowl 50 in the 2015 season. From 2012-15, no NFL team had a better overall winning percentage (regular and postseason) than the Denver Broncos (76.4 percent). You could argue the team had both the best offense and best defense in league history during this particular four-year stretch.

Denver Broncos uniform change in 2024 a good omen

The Broncos' uniform change in 2024 is the team's biggest uniform change since 2012 when they went to orange home uniforms and Nike started designing the overall looks. It's the first complete overhaul since 1997.

Ultimately, changing uniforms and having team success don't really have anything to do with each other, but the uniform changes in Denver are tied to the most successful portions of the franchise's history.

Perhaps that is a good sign for these new kits in 2024.