The Denver Broncos two-year plan is abundantly clear

The Denver Broncos clearly have a short-term plan in place that could have meaningful long-term impact.

Denver Broncos v Las Vegas Raiders
Denver Broncos v Las Vegas Raiders / Ethan Miller/GettyImages

A much-needed rebuild has enveloped Broncos Country, and with that, the team's two-year plan is actually quite clear. The Broncos desperately need a franchise quarterback, and the 2024 NFL Draft could be where they find that player. With the class appearing deeper than recent ones, the Broncos have multiple avenues they could go down to find their franchise passer.

The 12th overall pick is where Denver will select in the first round, and depending on how the first 11 picks go, the Broncos could have their franchise QB fall into their laps. Well, beyond that, the team, to me at least, clearly has a plan in place after getting the young QB in the building.

I think this tweet from Chris Tomasson is pretty indicative of what the Broncos could do in 2024 and 2025. The way I see it; Denver hopes to draft and hit on a rookie QB this year. And yes, you may be saying to yourself "Well that's much easier said than done!" and you'd be right, but with Sean Payton in the building and calling the shots, I am personally cautiously optimistic that they can hit on the rookie QB.

And in my opinion, all of the things we hear about Jarrett Stidham being someone who could start for the team is all just smoke; Sean Payton knows that Stidham isn't a starting-caliber QB in the NFL, in my opinion, and perhaps is trying to make it seem like Denver doesn't urgently need a QB. Well, if they do draft and hit on a rookie QB, 2025 becomes very interesting.

According to Over The Cap, in 2025, Denver is projected to have over $88 million in cap space, which currently ranks as the 10th-most in the NFL for next year. Denver hitting on the rookie QB gives them a huge window opening in 2025, as they'd then have their young QB on a rookie contract, which would give them many avenues to be heavy spenders in free agency and round out their roster.

This isn't some new concept; every team that can hit on a rookie QB typically tries to maximize the window they have with that QB before they have to pay him. As of now, with the Broncos not having much financial commitment in 2025, I think the clean books gives them a huge opportunity to spend in free agency if their rookie QB shows enough in 2024.


And heck, if Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott actually does hit free agency in 2025, Sean Payton could always opt to pursue him if his hand-picked rookie doesn't show enough. Overall, though, the two-year plan to be will end with the Denver Broncos having a huge window open beginning in 2025.

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