Denver Broncos training camp: Quarterback battle, sleeper

- Russell Wilson reloading

- Jarrett Stidham ascending

- Sleeper with upside?

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The quarterback position is obviously going to be a major focus for the Denver Broncos heading into 2023 training camp. Everybody wants to know whether or not Russell Wilson can bounce back under new head coach Sean Payton and every single pass he throws is going to be heavily scrutinized.

And deservedly so after what all transpired last offseason. More on that in a bit.

The Broncos have added to the QB position in 2023, signing Jarrett Stidham to a two-year contract worth a total of $10 million. They also brought in former Dallas Cowboys draft pick Ben DiNucci for a tryout and although Sean Payton jokingly put in a good word for him as a Walmart greeter if football didn't work out, DiNucci made the 90-man roster.

Let's take a comprehensive look at the quarterback position for the Denver Broncos ahead of 2023 training camp with everything you need to know, any battles at this position, and any roster sleepers to be aware of.

Denver Broncos training camp preview: Quarterbacks

Head coach: Sean Payton
Offensive coordinator: Joe Lombardi
Quarterbacks coach: Davis Webb
Passing Game Coordinator: John Morton

Before we look at who is actually playing the quarterback position for the Denver Broncos, we've got to take a look at the brain trust of coaches primarily involved in ensuring the success of this position group. All eyes will be on Sean Payton, the one calling plays, but the trio of Joe Lombardi, Davis Webb, and John Morton will all also be tasked with working together to develop this position group.

The incumbent: Russell Wilson

Yes, the 2022 season was the worst we've ever seen from Russell Wilson as a professional. Nobody expected it, not even Wilson's biggest critics or detractors. When the Denver Broncos acquired Russell Wilson in a trade with the Seattle Seahawks, more people expected a reincarnation of 2012 Peyton Manning than they did a reincarnation of Case Keenum.

But the 2022 season was that brutal from Russ. Yes, he struggled with injuries. Yes, Nathaniel Hackett was a bad head coach at worst and at best, a bad fit for the Denver Broncos. Yes, the Broncos' offensive line struggled. Yes, there were injuries to key offensive weapons.

All of that factored into Wilson's poor 2022 campaign, but ultimately, he has to take a lot of the blame for the way things went. Of course, at 2023 Denver Broncos training camp, he's got a chance to start earning back the trust of Broncos Country. Many Broncos fans developed a resentment for Russell Wilson in 2022 thanks to the fact that he signed a massive $245 million contract before the season even started.

Wilson's contract, the biggest in Denver Broncos history, was followed up with atrocious QB play and the 32nd scoring offense in the NFL last season, while the Broncos once again sputtered to last place in the division. And they didn't have a top-five pick in the 2023 NFL Draft to show for their troubles.

Again, every throw Russell Wilson makes at 2023 training camp will be in focus. And Jarrett Stidham will be nipping at his heels.