Denver Broncos tease new helmets, could new jerseys be on the way?

Denver Broncos v Carolina Panthers
Denver Broncos v Carolina Panthers / Grant Halverson/GettyImages

On Monday, the Denver Broncos posted what appears to be a teaser for an alternate helmet that they plan on unveiling for the 2023 season. Oh man, this might be awesome. The Monday teaser came with the Broncos posting to their social media accounts. The tweet can be seen here:

It's clear that this new helmet is going to be white in color, and obviously, it'll debut for the 2023 season. The NFL in recent years has allowed teams to unveil alternate helmets, but the helmets must be worn with their color rush uniform.

What's nice is that the Broncos color rush is a nice jersey concept for a potential new overhaul of the current jerseys, which the team has had as their primary since the 1990s, so they are a bit outdated. The Broncos have won all of their Super Bowls in these current jerseys, so it makes sense that the team hasn't made the commitment to change them yet.

The Broncos' color rush uniforms feature the old school "D" logo and have orange shirts and pants. The color rush kits do feature some old-school qualities that many have wanted to see in new jerseys.

The alternate helmet likely then has the old school "D" logo.

Broncos' President Damani Leech has also hinted that new jerseys could be in the works, so maybe this alternate helmet is a way to test how the fanbase might like the change. It feels like new jerseys might come for the 2024 season, but not in 2023.

Either way, this alternate helmet is going to be a nice change of pace from the blue helmets we've had for years. I'm of the opinion that the Broncos' current jerseys are thoroughly terrible. The blueberry kit with the blue jerseys and pants is perhaps the worst uniform combo in the NFL.

My guess is the white helmet will look a lot like these helmet concepts:

The white and orange stripe down the middle will obviously just turn into an all orange stripe, perhaps with some of the dark blue included. An all white helmet I think will look wonderful on the color rush jerseys.

Hopefully all of this change is for the better.

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