CBS Sports thinks Broncos should trade for Mac Jones

New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills
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With recent news that the Patriots shopped QB Mac Jones this offseason, CBS Sports' writer Cody Benjamin believes the Broncos might be a logical landing spot.

Are we being serious?

I get that Sean Payton is not tied to Russell Wilson and I get that Russell Wilson stunk it up badly in 2022, but to project this even being half serious is beyond ridiculous. In an article for CBS Sports, Cody Benjamin lists five "logical" landing spots if the Pats were to trade Mac Jones.

Coming in at #5 was the Denver Broncos, who are going through quite a bit of change recently and look totally different from last year. Here is what Benjamin had to say about the possibility of Jones and the Broncos:

"They're tied to Russell Wilson through 2023 (and would have to eat lots of money to dump him in 2024), but new coach Sean Payton has already hinted that new No. 2 Jarrett Stidham is a candidate for future starting reps. Why wouldn't he unturn every stone as he looks to revive the franchise, especially considering he was admittedly high on Jones as a prospect while coaching the Saints? Stylistically, the QB's short-area efficiency is at least a little reminiscent of Drew Brees."

Cody Benjamin

I'm not even sure how this QB room would even workout behind Wilson. Surely Mac Jones does not want to go to a deal where he isn't going to start, and the Broncos just signed Jarrett Stidham for two years and $5 million per season.

This would be like a tornado ripping through the Broncos' facilities, and I'm not suggesting that Mac Jones is some "bum" or whatever, but the idea of inserting Jones on this roster is insane.

I guess if you're thinking long-term and think that Mac Jones has something there, then sure, you could make an argument for the Broncos trading for Jones next offseason, but now? No thank you.

This is an insane idea that Benjamin suggests and in no capacity should the Denver Broncos even consider this.

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