Denver Broncos: Takeaways from day 1 of training camp

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The Denver Broncos reported Wednesday for their first official day of training camp, and there are already plenty of things to discuss surrounding the team. However, we'll keep it (somewhat) short and sweet. Here are just a few takeaways from Day 1 of Denver Broncos Training Camp:

1. The team is in good shape.

This may seem pretty insignificant, as you'd expect that most NFL players who take their job seriously train consistently throughout the off-season, yet it is still nice to hear that the team as a whole arrived in good shape and ready to go to work. In Wednesday's presser with Sean Payton, the condition of the team was the first positive he noted: "You could see with their weights and the workouts we did yesterday, I think they're in good shape. Obviously, you know, we've got a whole month and a half here ahead of us, but overall, it's good

It is one thing to be in shape, but it is another thing to be in "football shape." After time off, it can take some time to be in the condition to play meaningful football again, and it sounds like Sean Payton is pleased with how the team arrived. For a franchise that has been accused of fielding teams that don't always look like they are fully invested in recent years, this can be marked as a positive sign.

2. Sean Payton is impressing the players.

This may seem like another one that wouldn't be that exciting to most, but Broncos Country only knows that this has not always (or often) been the case with the previous regimes following Gary Kubiak's departure after the 2016 season. Justin Simmons shared Sean Payton's simple message to the team: find a way to win. He also expanded on what he thinks of Payton thus far: "For me, personally, the number one word I associate with coaches is 'education'. The way that he teaches and the way he is so knowledgeable and explains situations is something I feel like is really unique." Wide receiver Courtland Sutton's sentiment was also telling: "Guys that have been part of the past seasons understand the sense of urgency...Coach SP has come in and made it known what our main thing, the main thing is."

It is seriously refreshing to have a head coach that means business and that immediately commands respect from players at the helm. It may be too early to give Sean Payton his flowers, but even Broncos Country can feel the difference in the environment that Payton has brought into the building.

3. Rookie Marvin Mims was a limited participant in today's session of training camp.

Alongside players such as Mike Purcell, Baron Browning and Kendall Hinton, rookie wide receiver Marvin Mims spent some time with athletic trainers during today's session. However, unlike the other three, Mims was able to somewhat participate, although limited.

Sean Payton acknowledged the status of Marvin Mims in his post-practice presser, noting that it is nothing too serious. He explained that Mims suffered a hamstring injury during a recent workout, and that he will be back to full-participant status in "about four or five days, maybe a week" (per Mile High Sports).

4. The Broncos will roll with what they've got at defensive line (for now).

With the suspension of defensive lineman Eyioma Uwazurike looming in the back, it may have seemed like sufficient timing for the Broncos to seek help at the defensive line position. However, at least for now, Sean Payton looks to use the opportunity to further evaluate the players that are already on the roster. "We're training with who we have right now" (per Mile High Sports).

Of course, we have only just completed the first day of training camp and this may change, depending on whether Sean Payton sees what he likes in camp. They may need to also re-evalaute if another defensive lineman were to get injured in camp, but for now, the team is content using what they've got, at nearly every position.

5. Javonte Williams practiced on Wednesday.

One of the most pleasant plot twists the Denver Broncos have had as of late is the seemingly ahead of pace recovery of runningback Javonte Williams, who went down with a severe knee injury in the 2022 season. Williams was able to avoid being put on the PUP list, and about ten months removed from the injury, he was able to participate in day one of Broncos training camp.

Something we all totally expected, right?

Of course, Williams will not be back to 100% progress or reps, overnight. While there may have been some reservations from fans about Williams coming back so early, the staff surely has a solid plan in place to accomodate to the healing process that likely comes with limited reps and days off. As far as anyone is concerned, Javonte being ready by the first day of training camp is pretty monumental for the team.

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