4 star players Broncos missed out on drafting since 2015

Denver Broncos, Justin Jefferson
Denver Broncos, Justin Jefferson / David Berding/GettyImages
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3. Dak Prescott, QB

The 2016 NFL Draft was a huge miss for the Broncos. In their first season after Peyton Manning, the Broncos attempted to replace the Hall of Fame quarterback right away in the first round. Denver selected quarterback Paxton Lynch out of Memphis. Lynch would go on to make four starts and see his career last just two years.

In that same draft, the Dallas Cowboys found Dak Prescott in the fourth round at pick no. 135 overall. Of course, Prescott was another guy like Diggs which any team could have found that late, if they really wanted to. But, imagine if the Broncos were able to draft Prescott instead. They likely would have been back in Super Bowl contention by now.

Instead, the Broncos have relegated themselves to giving up the farm for Russell Wilson, who had an abysmal first season in Denver. Now, all of the hopes and dreams of Broncos fans are riding on the back of Sean Payton to help Wilson return to the quarterback he once was.

Had Denver just drafted Prescott, things could be a whole lot different. Not to mention, that first-round pick could have been used on the likes of Xavien Howard, Hunter Henry, Kenny Clark or Derrick Henry instead of Lynch.