Denver Broncos should monitor situation with cap-strapped AFC team

Could the Denver Broncos poach a player or two from this cap-strapped AFC team?

Cleveland Browns v Denver Broncos
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The Denver Broncos definitely need some help on the offensive side of the ball this offseason, and signing other teams' cap casualties could be a realistic option. Someone the Broncos could possibly add in their backfield in 2024 is Nick Chubb of the Cleveland Browns. This being said a year ago would have been totally outrageous, but Chubb might find himself on a new team in 2024.

Early in the 2023 NFL season, Chubb suffered an unfortunate and very gruesome knee injury, and I am surely not going to post that video. Chubb had previously suffered a major knee injury before and did bounce back fine. In fact, Chubb is quite the workhorse and has proven to be a very durable player over his college and pro career.

Between his college career at Georgia and his entire NFL career, Chubb has carried the football 2,027 times. He averaged a stellar 6.3 yards per carry in college and 5.3 yards per carry in the NFL. He has never averaged less than 5.0 yards per attempt in the NFL. Objectively speaking, he's an elite running back.

His brief 2023 season was on pace, at that point, to be another strong year on the ground for Chubb. Had he played in all 17 games, he'd have been on pace for 238 carries for 1,452 yards. The injury immediately ended his season, but the recovery process seems to be right on track for him:

"Though it was the second time that he’s suffered a similar type of injury to his left knee, there’s been nothing but relatively positive news regarding Chubb and his recovery process. He had two successful surgeries on September 29th, 2023, and November 14th, 2023 to repair his torn MCL and ACL. He’s been described by doctors and this Browns front office as being “on track” and progressing well in terms of his overall outlook."

Matt Wilson

"...At some point in 2024" is when Chubb is apparently set to return, and for the Browns, financially, they may have to make a tough decision with Chubb. According to Over The Cap, Cleveland is roughly $20 million over the 2024 salary cap number, so they might have to make a tough roster decision or two.

Chubb is in the last year of his contract, and a post-June 1st cut could save the Browns nearly $12 million on their cap figure for 2024. With Chubb likely not being ready for Week 1 of the 2024 NFL season, do the Browns have any reason to keep Chubb on the roster with that contract? I do think he could turn out to be a cap casualty, and if so, the Broncos should bring him on the roster and deploy him into the backfield when healthy.

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The team's run game was not that great in 2023, and adding someone like Chubb for what would likely be a very low cost is the type of move the Denver Broncos should make.