Denver Broncos should cut Garett Bolles, sign future HOF Jason Peters

Jason Peters plans to play football in the 2023 NFL season, and this could give the Denver Broncos an avenue to cut the struggling Garett Bolles

Denver Broncos
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On Friday, it was reported that future HOF left tackle Jason Peters plans on playing in the 2023 NFL season. The Denver Broncos should sign him to be the backup swing tackle, cut Garett Bolles, and start Cam Fleming at LT. Recently, my brother in orange Sayre Bedinger penned an article about a theory surrounding Garett Bolles. It's a well-thought-out article and can be read here.

I'd recommend reading that before finishing this piece. Basically, if you don't want to read his piece, the very abbreviated theory is that the Broncos could cut Garett Bolles, save about $14 million on their cap space, and start Cameron Fleming at left tackle. Not only has Garett Bolles struggled this offseason, but he's not as good of a run blocker as Fleming is, and the Broncos are going to be a run-first team in 2023.

There were also some rumblings earlier this offseason that the team tried to trade Garett Bolles and unsuccessfully tried to restructure his contract. Well, if that all is true, there is reason to believe that the organization has already put one foot out the door regarding Bolles, who missed most of the 2022 NFL season with a broken ankle. We'll see how the rest of the preseason goes for Bolles, but I do think there are some legs to the theory that the Broncos could simply cut him.

Is Garett Bolles $14 million better than Cameron Fleming? That's the question that Sayre Bedinger asked in his piece which I linked above. Now, think about this scenario further:

What would you rather have; Garett Bolles OR Cameron Fleming starting at LT, Jason Peters as the backup swing tackle, and $14 million in additional cap space for 2023? Well, if you consider how much Bolles has struggled thus far, I am not sure he is appreciably better than Fleming within the Broncos' offense right now, so I do think an outright release makes sense.

Well, with the recent news that Jason Peters plans on playing in 2023, this could open the door for Denver to work him out, sign him to be the backup swing tackle, and go into the 2023 NFL season with Fleming, McGlinchey, and Peters as the top three tackles, which actually isn't too bad. Peters has played in nearly 250 games in the regular season and has made nine Pro Bowls and two All-Pro teams. He played for the Dallas Cowboys for 10 games in 2022 and was a 15-game starter for the Chicago Bears at left tackle in 2021.


Jason Peters is old. He's not what he was 10 years ago, but man, what if he can still play? He might fit right in on the Denver Broncos.

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