Affordable trade packages Broncos could offer for Justin Fields

Could the Bears and Broncos make a deal to begin a post-Russell Wilson era?

Denver Broncos, Justin Fields
Denver Broncos, Justin Fields / Todd Rosenberg/GettyImages

The Denver Broncos are officially moving in a new direction. Seeing Russell Wilson choosing to sign with the Pittsburgh Steelers just days after announcing his release, the Broncos can shift their focus to filling the void under center.

Among many options Denver might have, one of them could be trading for Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields.

The Bears, of course, own the no. 1 pick in the 2024 NFL Draft and will likely use that pick on Caleb Williams, making Fields expendable.

The Bears are said to likely get a Day 2 and Day 3 pick in exchange for Fields, so with that in mind, let's look at some potential, affordable packages Denver could offer for the Bears' current starter.

Trade Number 1

In a perfect world, a deal like this gets it done.

Fields trade 1

If the Broncos can get away with trading a third and a fifth rounder for Fields, then by all means, make it happen. It's unlikely, but this is a good starting point. It's also possible that the market on Fields does end up cooling off if other teams figure out their quarterback situation outside of pursuing the Bears quarterback.

Trade Number 2

This one is the most interesting of them all, especially considering the Broncos just traded Jerry Jeudy. It's been long rumored that the team could end up trading one of, if not both, of Jeudy and Courtland Sutton.

Here, they trade away the second of the two.

Fields trade 2

Getting a potential franchise quarterback for the price of a wide receiver and a fourth-round pick could be a steal for Denver. They can always go find more wide receivers, especially at a cheaper price. Getting the Sutton contract off the books is a win in itself, if you look at it from a perspective that Denver needs as much cap space as they can get right now.

Trade Number 3

If the Broncos can't get away with trading a third rounder and fifth rounder, maybe the Bears would accept a pair of third-round picks, with the second coming in 2025.

Fields trade 3

The rumor that Chicago could get a Day 2 and Day 3 pick for Fields probably refers to this year's draft capital. If the Bears want two picks this year, then they'll likely get one on Day 2 and one on Day 3. But, if they were okay with getting one pick this year and one next year, then getting a pair of Day 2 picks could end up being more realistic.

For the Broncos, this makes sense because they don't have to sacrifice multiple picks this year.

Do the Broncos end up trading for Fields? It seems to be a long shot, but you never know.