Denver Broncos are playing with the attitude and swagger of Sean Payton

Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages

This Denver Broncos team is playing with a confidence right now that fans have not seen since the Peyton Manning era.

After defeating the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday Night Football, it is apparent that the team is playing with the confidence and swagger of their head coach Sean Payton.

Simply enough, that personality is winning.

To start the season, the only one in the building who was used to winning and knew what it takes to be successful at the highest of levels was Payton.

Now that the season is 11 weeks in, that aura has resonated with the players in the locker room who have been used to mediocrity for a few years with Denver. The culture is shifting in front of the eyes of Broncos Country.

Payton believed in the guys in his locker room after having a 1-5 record. The trade deadline was simple for him. Don't trade away our talent.

Payton stayed put with players like Jerry Jeudy, Courtland Sutton, Pat Surtain, and others and look at them now. Little intricacies have started to click with the offense, especially with their wide receivers.

Sutton has been playing at an all-pro level. His presence in the red zone is significant for this team as he has built a great connection with Russell Wilson. He has recorded a catching touchdown in five consecutive games, the best streak in his career.

Jeudy is starting to get more involved within the offense. He led all WRs in Week 11 on average receiver separation with 5.08. Payton has been putting his wide receiver in spots to succeed, as he appears to be open on film a lot. Wilson fed him the ball a bit more than usual against Minnesota and he played well.

The offense, despite not playing to their best ability just yet, is playing with a confidence and belief that has been non-existent for a few years in the Mile High. Payton has instilled a mindset within this offense that will only get better, as they are on the hottest winning streak in the NFL.

The defense is the unit right now that is playing with the ultimate swagger and attitude. Credit to Vance Joseph who has been monumental with the complete turnaround of the defense.


Not too long ago, this same exact defense was giving up 70 points to the Miami Dolphins in South Florida. Now that Joseph and Payton have made a plethora of changes to the unit, alongside getting players healthy, they are executing at a high level.

Payton is always described as a coach who has an unbelievable type of confidence and swagger to him. The team is playing to the attitude and identity of the head coach right now.

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