Denver Broncos offense might be ready to explode in the coming weeks

The Broncos offense might be heating up...

Denver Broncos
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During the Denver Broncos' five-game win streak, the offense has really found its identity and the unit might be ready to explode in the coming weeks. The offense being able to take a step forward as the 2023 NFL Season concludes would be awesome, as it would likely help propel the team into the playoffs for the first time since 2015.

The defense has been among the best units in the entire NFL over the last month and a half, and this comes after a historically bad start. I won't mention how many points they gave up to the Miami Dolphins. Anyway, the defense is now playing sensational football and continues to force turnovers. Well, the offense has also held its own, eclipsing the 20-point mark in four of the team's five-straight wins.

The one thing that might get this team to another level is the offense taking another step forward. Well, in the coming weeks, the unit might be ready to explode. The Broncos have a very easy remaining schedule when it comes to opposing defenses. Starting this week, the Broncos will get to play against one of the worst pass defenses in the NFL in the Houston Texans.

Nick Kendell posted a very encouraging table to his Twitter account that really drives home how easy the Broncos offense might have it going forward:

The graph, which comes from PFF, says that the Denver Broncos actually have the easiest remaining strength of schedule for opposing defenses. And yeah, the defenses that the Broncos have yet to face in 2023 are pretty bad. The Texans' unit is decent, but they give up a ton of yards through the air.

Denver still has to face the LA Chargers twice, and they rank just 23rd in points allowed. They also allow the most passing yards in the NFL and allow the most total yards in the league. This bodes well for the Broncos. The Detroit Lions have a very good offense, but their defense is still shaky. The Lions have a very nice rushing defense, but their pass defense ranks 20th in yards and is tied with the Chargers, ranking 23rd in points allowed.

The New England Patriots visit the Broncos in Week 16, and the Pats have the 21st-ranked scoring defense. The Pats don't give up a ton of yards, but they clearly struggle to keep opposing teams out of the endzone, which is great news for Denver. In Week 18, the Broncos travel to Las Vegas to face the Raiders, and their defense is shaky. They rank 17th in points allowed, 21st in yards allowed, and just 25th in rushing yards allowed.


I give all of these rankings and show you that table to tell you that the Denver Broncos should have some easier defenses left on their 2023 schedule. This gives them a wonderful shot to get to 10-ish wins and hopefully clinch a playoff spot.

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