Denver Broncos offense finally coming together at training camp

The offensive unit has been stacking days in recent training camp practices and its' time to start talking about it

Denver Broncos v Los Angeles Rams
Denver Broncos v Los Angeles Rams / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages

Is the Denver Broncos' offense back? They've been stacking very efficient days in training camp lately, and it's hard to not take notice. Another day, another strong performance from the Denver Broncos offense. The most recent success came on Tuesday, and it seems like the offense is finally beginning to stack days after a slow start.

Almost as if practicing lends itself to improvement after a while. Russell Wilson has been, dare I say, cooking in recent practices, and he's made some stellar throws that need to be acknowledged.

I mean, my goodness, the positive reporting on the offense is literally everywhere. Russell Wilson is making great throws, running the offense well, and Denver has also had quite a few players on offense making big plays, including Marvin Mims and Brandon Johnson, two players who could have elevated roles in the offense this year.

Sean Payton's offense likely wasn't easy to learn and probably still has a ton of work left. You also have to consider that the defense is staying just about the same from last year, so the defense has likely had an easier time in camp thus far since they have not had to learn an entirely new system.

So then it'd be reasonable to expect the offense to eventually catch on, and that's been what has been happening so far. The defense won the first few days, but it's hard to ignore how good the offense has been lately. Russell Wilson has also been making plays with his feet as well as throws on the run.

This could be excellent news for the Denver Broncos. Perhaps the offense continues to climb up the mountain and can hopefully begin its climax right when the 2023 NFL season begins. Sean Payton was brought here to fix the offense and install a winning football culture, and we've seen that so far with some of what Payton has done.


Russell Wilson's weight loss this offseason is also a big deal. Wilson is buying into Payton and is embracing his role in the offense as a mobile quarterback, which is what he was for a decade in Seattle. Everything could change if the Denver Broncos stink it up when they take the field in the preseason and in the regular season, but man, it's hard to not be encouraged about what we have been seeing over the past handful of days.

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