Denver Broncos new uniform leaks have sent fanbase into a total frenzy

Is this leak real?
Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos / Sam Hodde/GettyImages

Controversial former NFL player Antonio Brown and his Twitter account "CTESPN" somehow may have gotten a sneak peek at the Broncos new uniforms, and the fanbase just does not know how to act. Here is the "leak" that got posted to social media on Thursday:

It's another discussion entirely as to how Antonio Brown or someone around him got a hold of these leaks, if they are even accurate, and we won't dive into the off-field things that Brown has done, but this tweet from Benjamin Allbright does give some credibility to the uniform leak:

And so far, the fanbase has been spun into a frenzy with these uniforms, and not a good one. Heck, even Nik Bonitto doesn't seem to like them:

And other people have quickly made their opinions known about this uniform leak. With Allbright saying they are "pretty close" you have to wonder just how much different they will look, but in my opinion, this leak is going to be quite similar to the real deal, which will be official on April 22nd, which is this coming Monday.

As you can see, many people simply dislike the uniforms, and there is way more than just this. The Denver Broncos have had their current uniforms since the late 1990s, winning all three of their Super Bowls with this era of uniforms. However, as of late, the fanbase has been clamoring for a change, and many of them want the team to adopt the "old school D" logo jerseys with the powder blue as the permanent uniforms.

There are rumblings that those will come back as the alternate uniforms, which is a win right there, but some people just don't like this leak. Throughout the offseason, there have been mock-ups of how some people think the uniforms will look, and with as tight-lipped as the organization has been in recent years, I also would not be surprised if this leak and the other mock-ups end up being way off.

Only time will tell.