The Denver Broncos need to trade Patrick Surtain II this offseason

The best asset the Denver Broncos currently have is Patrick Surtain II, and they are in a position to trade him.

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Right now, the Denver Broncos are in no position to hang onto a player like Patrick Surtain II. This is the offseason where Denver should trade the stud player. There isn't a single player on the roster who has more value in a trade than Surtain does.

Completing his third year, Surtain is quite easily the best cornerback in football. Through three seasons, he has made two Pro Bowls and one All-Pro team. He has missed just one game, racking up seven interceptions, one touchdown, 36 passes defended, and 187 total tackles.

He is still very young, set to enter his age-24 season in 2024. Surtain would be an awesome player to have if the Denver Broncos were ready to compete for a Super Bowl, but that's the problem.

Firstly, Surtain is going to need a contract extension this offseason, and it'll make him the richest DB in football. With the limited cap space, are the Broncos really prepared to pay Surtain with huge issues across the rest of the roster?

Secondly, Surtain can net you at least one first-round pick, potentially in this year's draft. When the Jacksonville Jaguars traded Jalen Ramsey, they got two first-rounders back for him. The Broncos could potentially get that much, as Surtain is better and younger than Ramsey when he was traded.

The Denver Broncos also do not have a second-round pick in 2024, and they'd be wise to try and make up not having that pick. This is especially true since the team does not have a franchise QB, but could be in a position to acquire one. Having an extra first-rounder or two would greatly increase the Broncos chances at potentially trading up in the draft for a QB.

Surtain should be viewed as a luxury player. The Denver Broncos are not in a place to keep luxury players. They need the important positions first. The team, more importantly than Surtain, need a franchise QB and a legitimate pass rusher.

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Those two positions are way more important than having an elite cornerback. Even if the Broncos get a first-round pick and some change back for Surtain, they should make the trade. I know it might seem unpopular among Broncos fans to potentially witness this, but it's something the team needs to do.