Denver Broncos need to pursue this free agent kicker immediately

The Denver Broncos' kicking woes were on full display during their first preseason game against the Arizona Cardinals

Denver Broncos
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The Denver Broncos' kicking situation was a bit rough last year with Brandon McManus, and in their first preseason game, that didn't seem to change. The team needs to pursue a certain free agent kicker. Former kicker Brandon McManus was horrifically inaccurate last year and was among one of the most inaccurate kickers in the entire NFL.

The remaining player from the team's Super Bowl 50 roster was cut, and the Broncos began their search for a new kicker. Their first move was to sign Elliott Fry, who has just a handful of attempts in the NFL. Later on, they signed Brett Maher, who is now most famously known for having a case of the "yips" during his former team's (the Dallas Cowboys) playoff game in 2022.

Well, Maher is actually a very accurate kicker over the past two seasons, but many slammed the signing, as they were too focused on his playoff woes. Well, in the Broncos' first preseason game against the Arizona Cardinals, Maher and Fry combined to go 1/4 on field goal attempts, not counting extra points.

I was a disaster of a performance from both men, but the Cardinals' stadium field conditions were suspect at best. Overall, though, no matter the conditions for the most part, it was quite painful to see the kicking situation for the Denver Broncos not up to par. Punter Riley Dixon did have a decent game, though, making three punts for an average of 145 yards, which is solid.

However, Denver needs to fix their kicking situation and fix it now. If the team hopes to at least earn a Wild Card spot, there will surely be some games where a field goal could decide it. Someone that makes the most sense at this point is 40-year-old Robbie Gould, who just came off a nice stint with the San Francisco 49ers.

In 2022, Gould made 84.4% of his field goals. As recently as 2021, he's made over 85%. Over his 18-year career, Gould has made 86.5% of his field goals and 97.5% of his extra points. His consistency is simply astounding. And he's been doing this for almost two decades. Robbie Gould is old, obviously, but specialists are another position group where their careers can extend well into their 30s and 40s.


Robbie Gould would be a temporary solution for a year or two but would be a lovely addition. He'd finally bring some stability to the kicking position that has been shaky for years even with Brandon McManus

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