Denver Broncos named landing spot for Paton-era Vikings' pick

Minnesota Vikings v Green Bay Packers
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Bleacher Report named the Denver Broncos as the top landing spot for a George Paton-era Minnesota Vikings' draft pick. I am actively rooting for this to happen. It makes sense for so many reasons to count.

Former 2017 second round draft pick Dalvin Cook could be on the outs in Minnesota, and ESPN's Jeremy Fowler had more to add here:

""I'm told all options are on the table here and that he could be released closer to the draft if things don't work out. They had talked to at least one team about a trade in the past closer to free agency, so he is certainly a name to watch.""

Jeremy Fowler

Right now it does not seem to be known who this other team is that has apparently talked to the Vikings about acquiring Cook, who turns 28 in August.

With four straight Pro Bowls and four straight 1,000 yard seasons along with 43 rushing touchdowns in that span, Cook is still a very productive back. The main issue with the Vikings is not the performance of Cook, but his cap hit is well over $10 million this coming season and the team did just extend Alexander Mattison, who is much younger than Cook.

George Paton had this to say when talking about Javonte Williams during the NFL Scouting Combine:

""I think he's on track. I don't want to put a date on it. But he's out there jogging. He's working his butt off. He's rehabbing. Javonte—they anticipate he would be ready for the start of the season. We'll have a plan [if he's not ready at the start of the season]. We'll have another back or two to be ready if he can't go.""

George Paton

The last bit of his quote is the most interesting to me, as he says the Broncos will have "another back or two" to be ready if he can't go.

Well, it's too early, I think, to declare whether or not the former North Carolina product will be ready for week one, so Dalvin Cook being cut before the draft might not be the best for the Broncos' timing, but he'd also be a great insurance policy to have just in case Williams isn't ready.

Also, consider how lethal of a running back room that could be. I'm sure Williams is hoping to take over the bellcow duties when he returns, but George Paton was part of the coalition who drafted Dalvin Cook and it'd make almost too much sense to sign him.

The Broncos are clearly going to be a run-first team under Sean Payton in 2023, so why not bring in a back like Cook?

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