Broncos must embrace idea of 'fire sale' as only way to get back to prominence

  • Any player with trade value should be for sale
  • Broncos need to let VJ go
  • George Paton is the man who should be most to blame for this mess

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Denver Broncos, George Paton
Feb 28, 2023; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Denver Broncos general manager George Paton during the NFL / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

George Paton absolutely can't be back in 2024

General manager George Paton is the guy you should start with if you are pointing the finger of blame as to this current Broncos team. He is the man who has put this current roster together and frankly, it's just been a bad job.

His trades for Russell Wilson and Sean Payton looked good and they brought excitement, but both have so far been absolute duds in terms of results in the win-loss column.

Paton has drafted the players and signed the free agents that comprise most of the current roster and his eye for picking talent has certainly been full of errors.

The new ownership group led by Greg Penner is going to need to make the kind of moves that send a message that these losing ways won't be acceptable — the same way the legendary Pat Bowlen would have — and that starts with the elimination of Paton.

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At that point, if this plan is followed, the team can officially start fresh. Wilson will still be there (but the team needs to draft a QB in the first round) and Sean Payton will still be the coach, but with a general manager selected by the new ownership group and a bushel of draft picks at his disposal, the team can begin to fix this colossal mess.