Where does Randy Gregory fit among the five worst free-agent signings in Broncos history?

The Broncos got next to nothing out of Randy Gregory, the prize signing of their 2022 free-agent class. Following his release, we see where he fits in among the worst signings in team history.

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The Broncos parted ways with Randy Gregory on Wednesday, about a year and a half after giving him a five-year, $70 million deal. The plan initially was to release Gregory, but on Friday, the Broncos found a trade partner, sending him to the San Francisco 49ers. In exchange, the Broncos also give up a seventh-round pick in 2024 and receive a sixth-round pick from the Niners.

The Broncos have had some poor free-agent signings across team history, just as all teams have, but this one was bad for what the team ended up getting for its money. It's one of the moves that I believe will ultimately lead to the dismissal of general manager George Paton.

Where does this signing rank among the five worst in team history? Here is an up-to-date look at the worst free-agent signings in Broncos history.

Jarvis Green
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Worst free-agent signings in Denver Broncos history
No. 5: Jarvis Green, 2010

Following a very successful run with the New England Patriots, Jarvis Green was signed by the Broncos, who were coached at the time by former Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels.

Familiar with his work, McDaniels saw Green as a piece that could come in and boost the defense. The team gave him a four-year deal worth $20 million. Those numbers look small compared to today's standards, but it was good money in 2010.

Green barely lasted four months.

After playing poorly in the preseason, the Broncos made the shocking decision to cut Green before the season even started. He never played an official down for the Broncos.

A fourth-round pick in 2002 out of LSU, Green had over 200 career tackles and 28 sacks. But he had reached the end of his rope by the time the Broncos gave him this contract and he never again played in the NFL.