Denver Broncos Mock Draft Roundup: Quarterback is the popular pick

Several recent mock drafts have had the Denver Broncos trading up, down, and staying put for a quarterback.

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Jon Heath's 2024 NFL Mock Draft on Broncos Wire

Jon Heath, the managing editor for Broncos Wire of USA Today, put together quite the massive trade package for the Denver Broncos in their quest to get the franchise quarterback.

"The Broncos trade their first-round pick (No. 12) and cornerback Pat Surtain to the Patriots in exchange for pick No. 3. Denver then lands Drake Maye to give Sean Payton a franchise QB."

Jon Heath

So, the Denver Broncos give up their 12th pick and CB Patrick Surtain II in order to land the third overall pick. Frankly, this would be a cheap and obvious deal for the Denver Broncos to make. Patrick Surtain is probably worth two first-round picks, so effectively, the Broncos part with three firsts to trade up to the third overall pick.

That is a great deal for the Broncos, and them moving Surtain is a wise decision by itself. The team is currently not in a position to take advantage of just how good Surtain is, and the Broncos would be better off on defense with an elite EDGE rusher and average cornerbacks instead of what they have now, average pass rushers and an elite cornerback. I would also be thrilled with this deal if the Broncos could swing is, as they wouldn't be giving up any additional draft capital to make it happen.

Drake Maye is similar to Justin Herbert in terms of total skillset, so take that as you will.