Denver Broncos Mock Draft Roundup: Quarterback is the popular pick

Several recent mock drafts have had the Denver Broncos trading up, down, and staying put for a quarterback.

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At this point, it'd be a massive shock if the Denver Broncos did anything but take a quarterback in the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft. It's mock draft season, and just about wherever you look, you can find a mock draft that has the Denver Broncos selecting a first-round quarterback. However, not every mock has the Broncos going about the QB situation in the same way.

As we inch closer to the 2024 NFL Draft, there might be more reporting and rumors that pop up connecting certain QB prospects to certain teams. I do firmly believe that the Denver Broncos will come out of the first-round with a QB, but it might not be clear right now what path they plan on taking to get there.

After the failed Russell Wilson experiment, head coach Sean Payton has a ton of pressure on his shoulders to fix the long-term QB situation. Let's take a look at various mock drafts and who the Broncos select.

Sayre Bedinger's first-round mock draft on NFL Spin Zone

Sayre Bedinger, a Site Expert here at Predominantly Orange, recently published a first-round mock draft on NFL Spin Zone and took the Denver Broncos QB situation down a smart path:

"The Denver Broncos have sat back and watched almost every other NFL team pick up a quarterback this offseason. Sean Payton can't possibly be this confident in Jarrett Stidham, can he? With the run on quarterbacks early in this 2024 NFL mock draft scenario, the Broncos pick up a much-needed round two selection and take Bo Nix as their possible 2024 starter."

Sayre Bedinger

Trading down to the 22nd overall pick with the Philadelphia Eagles also netted the Broncos the 50th overall pick. So, out goes pick 12, but in comes picks 22 and 50. This would be a lovely solution for the Broncos, as they get a QB that fits Sean Payton's offense like a glove and also net a second-round pick, I would personally be thrilled with this scenario.