Denver Broncos make depressing roster move while other teams go above and beyond

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The Denver Broncos signed a long snapper on Tuesday. The roster move reveals a deeper and unfortunate trend about the team's roster-building tendencies. The team was aggressive in free agency, spending well over $200 million and truly overhauling their offensive line in the process.

The Broncos are a better team on paper than they were at this time in 2022, in my opinion, but since then, they haven't exactly had a ton of luck with much else. They've sustained some unfortunate season-ending injuries to both Tim Patrick and Jonas Griffith. Other players like Brandon Johnson, Mike McGlinchey, and Riley Moss have all sustained multi-week injuries as well.

Typically, teams will fill out their roster as injuries happen in the offseason, as there are always usually quality players who can immediately fill holes. Well, Denver not only has an injury-related reason to add a free agent or two, but they do still have roster holes that don't appear to be being filled anytime soon.

What hurts the most about the Broncos and their roster-building tendencies is seeing what other teams are doing. The Chicago Bears signed Yannick Ngakoue. The Carolina Panthers signed Justin Houston. The Cleveland Browns signed Shelby Harris, and Ezekiel Elliott and Dalvin Cook signed with the New England Patriots and New York Jets, respectively.

Honestly, you could have made a great argument for any one of those players to be signed by the Broncos for varying reasons. Denver could have bolstered their suspect defensive front or RB room with one of those players. It would have made perfect sense. While those teams are making immediate-impact moves that clearly improve their roster, the Denver Broncos are doing this:

Seriously? A long snapper? Did Sean Payton and George Paton not watch the team's first preseason game? The Broncos defensive line got worked, the offensive line could not protect, and the kickers missed about 58 field goals. Why not sign someone like Robbie Gould, a veteran defensive lineman like Matt Ioannidis, or perhaps an offensive lineman like Andrew Norwell or Eric Fisher? Why are the Denver Broncos playing checkers while other teams are playing chess?


The team should have also made some type of move when Tim Patrick went down. But again, they sat on their hands while other teams make moves to improve their roster. Hopefully, this trend that has seemed to be present ever since George Paton entered the organization is something that can change if the Broncos begin to win more.

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