Denver Broncos: Looking at the possible OL combinations

Detroit Lions v Denver Broncos
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The Oddball combination: Bolles / Powers / Meinerz / Risner / McGlinchey

This one probably isn't going to happen under any circumstances, but what if it does? What would happen, heaven forbid, if Cushenberry blows out his knee over the offseason? Furthermore, if that were to happen, what if it's abundantly clear that both Forsyth and Fuller clearly aren't capable of being the starting center?

Would the Broncos pivot to the center free agency market like Ben Jones? Maybe. Could they try to pursue a center in a trade in Ryan Kelly? I guess. Well, what if they did this; they bring back Dalton Risner on a one-year deal for dirt cheap? They insert him at right guard and move Quinn Meinerz to center, who has experience playing there.

I'm not sure Meinerz would be too thrilled about playing center, but I guess in a very unlikely scenario, this could happen. I think this offensive line would be fine. There would be a ton of units that had much less talent, but I would worry about Risner at right guard.

Perhaps Denver could take a look at another veteran free agent guard in this case like Trai Turner. I think these three combinations are the only possible

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