Denver Broncos: Looking at the possible OL combinations

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The Denver Broncos do not have a ton of variance with their offensive lines for the 2023 season, but regardless, let's take a look at the possibilities. The Broncos did some work this offseason and brought in two quality offensive linemen to shore up the weak points of the unit.

Ben Powers slides in at left guard and Mike McGlinchey slides in at right tackle. Incumbents Garett Bolles and Quinn Meinerz will hold their positions down at left tackle and right guard, but the big question is what the team does at center.

Right now, Lloyd Cushenberry is projected to be the starting center for the Denver Broncos, but that could end up being a problem. Cush has not played starting-caliber football at any point in his career and I was a bit shocked to see Denver not really prioritize the center position this offseason.

They did sign a depth center piece in Kyle Fuller and took Alex Forsyth, a center out of Oregon, in the seventh round of the 2023 NFL Draft, but that's it. I guess the staff seems satisfied with their center situation.

Well, regardless, let's look at some of the possible OL combinations in 2023, with one of them being a unique twist.

Projected Denver Broncos starting unit: Bolles / Powers / Cushenberry / Meinerz / McGlinchey

In all likelihood, this will be the starting five for the 2023 season. Overall, it has a chance to be one of the better units in football. I think having two elite guards in Powers and Meinerz will do nothing but help Cushenberry, and honestly, maybe Cush makes a jump in year four like Bolles did.

If Cushenberry just turns into an average starting center, Denver's unit may just be elite, but other than that, there isn't much more to talk about with this starting five. It's what we should be expecting.

Bolles / Powers / Forsyth / Meinerz / McGlinchey

The second OL combination has a small twist in it. I think this is very possible. Could Alex Forsyth, someone who nearly went undrafted, win the starting center job? I think so. Forsyth was one of the better centers in college football over the last couple of years. He plays with intelligence and discipline.

Maybe I'm way too high on this possibility, but if this were to happen, that would certainly close the door on Lloyd Cushenberry being the starting center for the Denver Broncos, unless an injury were to occur. This would also give Denver a very encouraging interior for the long-term. I think Powers has the chance to stick around for years and I don't think there's any way that George Paton let's Meinerz, one of his first draft picks at a GM, leave in free agency.