Denver Broncos have truly embraced the right way to build a winning football team

It's a new era in Broncos Country.
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Whether you personally think Bo Nix is going to be a bust or successful is irrelevant, but what is abundantly clear is the Broncos finally doing this thing the right way. The years of veteran retreads are over, finally. When Sean Payton took the Denver Broncos head coaching job, my assumption is that he was told or agreed to at least try one year with Russell Wilson.

And I bet he was given full authority over what happened with Wilson after the season. Based on how the Broncos played in 2023, finishing 8-9 and closer to a playoff spot than we thought, I am sure some front office members in the Broncos organization could have justified bringing Wilson back for another year.

However, Payton and co. ripped the bandage off, and that was the best thing to do for the state of the team for the long-term. Not only did they make the correct move in moving on from Wilson, but they also said goodbye to other veteran players who were with the team for an extended time. Guys like Jerry Jeudy, Josey Jewell, Justin Simmons, and Lloyd Cushenberry all had their roles with the Denver Broncos and at times did them well, but they were all losers.

Yeah, I know that sounds bad to say, but it's the truth; they each were apart of losing teams every year of their NFL careers, and I think Payton wanted to begin to rid the roster of some of those players. And in a move that was much-needed for years, they drafted a first-round QB in 2024. So now, with all of the various roster changes that have happened this offseason, the Broncos have come out of in the right spot.

RIght now, there is a clear plan for this team for the long-term if Bo Nix ends up being the guy. The roster is good enough to win now if Nix can pan out, but there are also long-term answers littered throughout the roster as well. You can easily tell what path Sean Payton wanted to take when he took this job, and it's nice to see that the organization has embraced that clear path back toward relevancy.