Predicting 2024 stat lines for each Denver Broncos rookie draft pick

Let's try to predict each Denver Broncos rookie draft pick's production in their first NFL season.
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The Denver Broncos 2024 rookie class could lay the foundation for the future of this franchise. Let's predict each pick's production during their rookie seasons. There is plenty of room on this roster for the Broncos' current rookies to carve out roles in year one. The most notable selection is the team making Bo Nix the 12th overall pick of the 2024 NFL Draft.

While some people think that Nix was a massive reach, others think that the fit with Nix and Sean Payton is seamless. Only time will tell obviously, but beyond Nix, Denver has a plethora of other rookies that have legitimate shots at contributing in year one. Let's try to predict each rookie draft pick's year-one production.

12th Overall Pick - Bo Nix, QB
Prediction: 65.4% completion, 3,659 yards, 23 touchdowns, 9 interceptions

Let's go with this for rookie QB, Bo Nix. Nix is the likely Week 1 starter for the Denver Broncos and has all the necessary tools to become a franchise QB in the NFL and to be an expert running Sean Payton's offense. It's a complex system that Nix will surely have his hands full with, but has the intelligence to do it.

For the Denver Broncos offense, running the ball is again going to be a priority for them. Bo Nix is most certainly going to struggle at times, so Denver may end up relying on the run game more and more. However, I am confident that Bo Nix can enjoy a strong rookie season for the Denver Broncos, and I don't think this production is going to be that hard for Nix to attain in Year 1.