Denver Broncos have shocking losing streak against a pathetic franchise

It needs to end.
Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos / Candice Ward/GettyImages

The Denver Broncos losing streak versus the Las Vegas Raiders is something that is truly hard to swallow. When will it end? Having a losing streak versus the Kansas City Chiefs was at least understandable. However, all of a sudden, the Broncos have now lost eight straight games to the Raiders, one of the most dysfunctional teams in sports.

The streak began in 2020. The last time the Denver Broncos beat the Raiders was this thrilling ending during Week 17 of the 2019 NFL Season. This was the game where Shelby Harris famously batted down what would have been a game-winning two-point conversion attempt by the Raiders.

Since then, though, it's been a brutal time for the Broncos, and it's not like the Raiders have ever been good during this losing streak. At this point, it feels like the team gets inside their own head and just forgets how to play football, but in 2024, the difference in skill between both teams should be obvious.

The Raiders have downgraded at both head coach and quarterback heading into the 2024 NFL Season, and with these downgrades, Denver should be able to win at least one of these division games this season.

Frankly, if Denver has wild-card hopes, they need to sweep the lowly Raiders. Antonio Pierce as head coach with Gardner Minshew playing quarterback is minor league-level stuff. Fortunately, Denver should have an upgrade over their own 2023 QB situation. Bo Nix could be good enough to elevate the offense into a top-half unit.

The unit scored the 19th-most points in the NFL in 2023. It's not outrageous to think that Denver could creep inside the top 16 in points scored. Bo Nix is simply a better fit in the offense than Russell Wilson was. And with a new and improved QB, can the Denver Broncos finally end this pathetic losing streak?