Denver Broncos get the perfect draft class in this 7-round mock draft

This would be the perfect draft class for the Denver Broncos.
Denver Broncos
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The Denver Broncos trading down during the 2024 NFL Draft might yield them the best overall class. Would this 7-round mock be the perfect draft class for the team? No one truly knows what will happen during the 2024 NFL Draft besides Caleb Williams surely going first overall to the Chicago Bears.

After that is when the NFL Draft truly begins. The Denver Broncos are going to come away with a quarterback at some point, as there is just no good argument to stick with Jarrett Stidham as the starter for the 2024 NFL Season. Could the Denver Broncos trade down, land their franchise QB, and also hit on their other needs?

This 7-round mock draft would be the perfect scenario for the team.

27th Overall Pick (via ARI) - Bo Nix, QB, Oregon

There isn't a better realistic fit for the Denver Broncos at quarterback than Bo Nix, so that's why the millionth mock draft I have made still has the Broncos drafting Nix. The team traded down with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers into the late-20s and were able to nab Nix, who is a day one starter in Sean Payton's offense.