Nothing should be off the table in Broncos pursuit of QB during 2024 NFL Draft

Nothing should be off the table. Nothing!
Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos / Kara Durrette/GettyImages

Frankly, who cares about draft picks if the Denver Broncos hit on their rookie quarterback? Everything should be on the table during the draft if Denver desires a rookie QB. Given how many draft picks the Denver Broncos have given up in recent seasons, people are understandably against the team giving up even more in pursuit of a player during the NFL Draft.

I understand why fans would be against it, but let's be honest here; an NFL front office probably doesn't give a rip what the fans think; they just want to build the best football team possible, and with the Denver Broncos current situation in the 2024 NFL Draft, they could give up more draft picks to grab a rookie QB they desire.

It's very likely that all of Caleb Williams, Jayden Daniels, Drake Maye, and JJ McCarthy will be drafted in the first four picks, and there could be solid interest from the Broncos in one or more of those players. The most likely player could be McCarthy, who has seemingly risen up the draft boards during this draft cycle.

The next tier of QBs includes Bo Nix and Michael Penix Jr, and perhaps to a lesser extent, Spencer Rattler. These three players could easily be had with the 12th overall pick, and Denver likely could even draft down and still grab one of them. However, when you boil this all down, getting the franchise QB right is the most important thing for this team to do this offseason.

And if that requires them to move up the NFL Draft board and give up draft capital, who cares? I am sure that the front office probably wouldn't care all that much about their 2025 first-round pick if it meant they got to enjoy the success of a stud rookie quarterback. In my opinion, if Sean Payton wants JJ McCarthy, and it's clear that he has to trade up to get him, well, he shouldn't hesistate.

Yeah, it may stink not having a first-round pick in 2025, or even a first and second-round pick in 2025, but that's sometimes how things have to work.