Denver Broncos defense has played noticeably better in recent weeks

Is the Broncos' defense turning a corner?
Denver Broncos
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The Denver Broncos defense has played quite well over the last few weeks, and it's a big reason why the team hasn't looked totally awful lately. The defense, believe it or not, has allowed just four touchdowns over the last three games.

And that includes a game against the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead. The defense has played much, much better in recent weeks, and maybe it just took this unit some time to adapt to this hybrid Vance Joseph/Vic Fangio defense that is currently being used. Now, the Broncos' D is still largely awful, but the unit has been far from the worst in the NFL recently.

Over the last three games, this unit has really taken a step forward. In that timeframe, Denver has allowed 31, 19, and 17 points. That's 22.3 points per game. In the games before that, the Broncos' defense allowed a whopping 37.5 points per game. We could go through all the defensive statistics that the Broncos have bettered themselves in, but we'd be here all day.

What is evident though is that the defense is still a struggling unit, and the Broncos had to burn a timeout yesterday due to poor defensive substitutions. I don't think Vance Joseph will be the DC in 2024, but it is encouraging to see the unit improve. The unit is now the 31st-ranked unit in points allowed, so they aren't last now.

In Week 7, the secondary notched an interception and kept the Packers' offense in check. The run defense was shaky at times and the pass rush did not notch a single sack, but the defense allowed just 17 points, which should be a win 9/10 playing at home.

I do wonder if the defense can again hold the Kansas City Chiefs to under 20 points again. If the Broncos' defense could do that in Week 8, they'd have a chance. On the other side, Russell Wilson played well. He wasn't great, but he was doing what was needed to win. He had one touchdown pass to Courtland Sutton and made a few plays with his legs.


Will Lutz again came through on a long field goal to take the lead late in the game, and he's quietly been excellent this year. Anyway, the defense does look much better over the past three weeks, and that's worth talking about.

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