Denver Broncos Day 2 mock draft: Crazy value from best available talent

2023 CFP National Championship - TCU v Georgia
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The Denver Broncos enter Day 2 of the 2023 NFL Draft with lots of options still on the table. Could the Broncos actually come away with a player that most projected to go in the first round of the Draft? At this point, it doesn't seem impossible.

With so much talent still sitting on the board, the Broncos have to be prepared to jump as players continue to fall. We discussed in a post on Thursday about the fact that it feels like this marriage of strategies between head coach Sean Payton (historically likes to trade up) and general manager George Paton (historically likes to trade down) will be fascinating to watch when push comes to shove for the Broncos.

There are going to be plenty of players available on Day 2 where fans are clamoring for the team to trade up, and rightfully so. If you fall in the camp that says the team should go after a tight end, then you're in luck because all of these guys lasted past the top 31 picks:

- Michael Mayer, Notre Dame
- Darnell Washington, Georgia
- Sam LaPorta, Iowa
- Luke Musgrave, Oregon State

All but one of the draft's top tight ends were taken off the board, and that list doesn't even include Michigan's Luke Schoonmaker, another player the Denver Broncos are high on.

If you like interior offensive linemen, all of the best guys are still available, including:

- John Michael Schmitz, Minnesota
- Steve Avila, TCU
- Cody Mauch, North Dakota State
- O'Cyrus Torrence, Florida
- Joe Tippmann, Wisconsin

And plenty of other players at other positions the Denver Broncos could be interested in. So what is the team going to do? How is Day 2 of the NFL Draft going to shake out for the Broncos? Let's look at a scenario (and maybe a couple alternate scenarios) that should have the fan base happy.