Denver Broncos could make a familiar offer for RB Dalvin Cook

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It is not known for sure whether or not the Denver Broncos will pursue free agent running back Dalvin Cook, but they could present him with a familiar contract offer. I do not think Dalvin Cook is going to be in a rush to sign with a team.

Even though running backs are devalued in today's NFL and more and more are becoming free agents, someone like Cook, who is coming off four straight Pro Bowls and four straight seasons of at least 1,100 rushing yards, someone like him will be able to find a great situation.

Cook turns 28 in August and might ever so slightly be on the decline depending on who you talk to. Even if he is, Cook is still an effective runner. In 2022, he ran for 1,173 yards on 4.4 yards per carry.

He also added eight rushing touchdowns and 295 receiving yards. His best year came in 2020 where he rushed for 1,557 yards and 16 touchdowns. What sticks out to me about Cook is that the 2022 season was the first year of his NFL career where he played in every game, so I don't think his health is as big of a concern as people have made it.

There's also the connection with Broncos GM George Paton, who was in the Vikings' front office when Cook was drafted back in 2017. Perhaps Dalvin Cook would be willing to reunite with one of the executives that likely pounded the table for him being drafted.

The Broncos may not pursue him at all, but they should at least offer him a contract just to perhaps at least find out what his demands are, and I think a great reference point for a deal is what the Denver Broncos signed Melvin Gordon for before the 2020 season. The Broncos signed Melvin Gordon to a two-year, $16 million contract that offseason.

It seemed like a fair deal for Gordon, who was a rushing touchdown machine, a great pass protector, and a great receiving back. Cook is the better running back at this point in his career than Gordon was when he signed his deal with the Broncos, but I think even in the last few years, running backs have become more devalued.

Tom Pelissero reported this recently:

"“Dalvin Cook is not looking to sign a $4-5 million contract, That is not going to happen.” Pelissero stated. “This is going to be a significant contract.”"

Tom Pelissero

He also said that he is open to a one-year deal or a multi-year deal as well. I do think Cook can get more than $5 million per season, and I don't think it's outrageous to offer him a two-year deal at all. Well, the framework from Melvin Gordon's initial contract with the Denver Broncos just feels right to me as a deal they could offer Cook.

It's obviously unknown whether or not he'd take that offer, but the worst thing that can happen is Denver offers that to his camp and he declines. Javonte Williams potentially being ready to come back for week one might not create that big of an RB need for Denver, but we're still a solid three months from week one, so they should try to jump on the chance to sign Cook.

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