Denver Broncos biggest winners after Day 2 of the 2023 NFL Draft

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Day 2 of the 2023 NFL Draft has now come and gone with the Denver Broncos making three very interesting and fun selections, one on offense and two on the defense. The Broncos certainly made some selections that surprised the fan base, and some surprising decisions, to boot. Although the team came into the draft with just five selections, they managed to trade up twice and have three picks within the range of 63-83.

Sean Payton, who jokingly labeled himself the "spender" and GM George Paton the "saver", has always been aggressive in the NFL Draft dating back to his time with the Saints. Dating back to 2011, Payton has traded up in every draft at some point or another. But who the Broncos traded up for at this point is what's most important.

After the Broncos' top three picks, which players already on the roster have to be feeling good about where things are at? Which players already on the team are "winners" after Day 2?

Denver Broncos winners after Day 2 of the 2023 NFL Draft

1. Greg Dulcich, TE

I don't know that there is a bigger winner after Day 2 than Denver Broncos tight end Greg Dulcich. Dulcich had a very fun rookie season last year but it was also slightly disappointing because of all his missed time due to a hamstring injury. Dulcich ended up being third on the team in overall targets, but he was limited to just 10 total games.

His impact was felt immediately upon arrival, though. That Monday Night Football game against the Chargers where Dulcich came into the lineup "cold" and ended up dominating the first half was a sight to behold. Over the course of time, the luster of things can certainly tend to wear off and I think that happened a little bit with Dulcich.

Last year at this time, we were talking about how Daniel Jeremiah had Greg Dulcich ranked as his TE1, and how the Broncos got such a steal at pick no. 80 overall. Dulcich then proceeded to have an absolutely outstanding offseason program for the Broncos where he was all anyone could talk about. That was saying something because, at the time, Russell Wilson had just arrived and still Dulcich was stealing headlines.

Throughout the 2023 NFL Draft process, however, it became apparent that the Broncos were interested in making a move at tight end. They brought in some of the top guys for top-30 visits and the rumor mill was swirling with the idea that maybe the Broncos could even move up for someone. I was certainly convinced.

After those top three selections went by on Day 2 and no tight end was picked, though, how can you argue that really anyone on offense was a bigger winner than Dulcich? Barring an unexpected move, he heads into 2023 now as the unquestioned, undisputed TE1 in Denver.