Denver Broncos biggest needs heading into 2023 NFL Draft

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Denver Broncos 2023 NFL Draft needs

Other areas to address

The Broncos currently don't have clarity long-term at the wide receiver position, and this team needs to address the return game after Montrell Washington struggled in his rookie year. They could look to a receiver who could progress up the depth chart in 2023 as well as contribute in that way on special teams.

I think the Broncos also need to look into kickers in this year's rookie class. Maybe they even consider drafting one...

I don't think you should ever rule out the quarterback position if you like a guy. Perhaps we'll see the Broncos go after someone on Day 3 of the draft...

Unless the right guys fall, I don't see the need for linebackers in this class. There are players you might prioritize if they are on the board when you pick, but the Broncos seem to be good at that position with Josey Jewell, Alex Singleton, and Jonas Griffith at the top.

The safety position is an interesting study right now because the projected starter opposite Justin Simmons is the oft-injured Caden Sterns. That's another position that could be approached on a case-by-case basis. Perhaps there will be a defensive back the Broncos target who can play a little corner and safety.

Overall thoughts

If I were to personally prioritize these areas of need, I think it would look something like this:

1. Cornerback
2. Tight End
3. Offensive Line
4. Running Back

I wouldn't hate it if those were the position groups addressed by the Broncos in this draft, perhaps doubling up on OL or adding QB/WR into the mix. I think there are enough young dart throws at edge right now, and there are free agents that could be had after the draft to further address depth.

I think taking advantage of this draft for its strengths -- CB, TE, RB -- is a wise move and really identifying guys you like and believe in on the offensive line could provide the Broncos with a strong class, even if they end with just five selections.

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