Denver Broncos are becoming a team that opponents fear

I don't think a single team wants to play the Denver Broncos right now.
Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos / Justin Edmonds/GettyImages

The Denver Broncos have been playing some old-school football during their 6-1 stretch to turn their season around, and they're becoming a team that opponents are fearing. After the team's 1-5 start, something happened. Something must've clicked for this team. Some of the players had to deal with hearing their names pop up in trade deadline talks.

And they had to endure being the laughingstock of the NFL for a few weeks. Denver was ranked at the very bottom of NFL power rankings. And then, something happened.

They beat the Green Bay Packers in Week 7, and this was before the Packers hit their stride with Jordan Love. It was an ugly win, but a game that the team should have won. In Week 8, a sick Patrick Mahomes was terrorized by the Denver Broncos defense. Denver rushed for over 150 yards that game and blew out the defending Super Bowl Champions.

The team proceeded to win three more games in a row and have won four of five after their bye week. A clear shift in philosophy has been a huge reason for the Denver Broncos' turnaround. They've rushed for triple digits in six of their seven games during the 6-1 stretch, and they've forced 18 turnovers over the last seven games.

The Denver Broncos' defense has also turned into one of the best units in football during this winning streak, too. Vance Joseph seems to have amped up his blitz calls and the Broncos feel like a defense that is swarming to the ball with great aggression. The defense is playing fast, physical, and forcing turnovers.

The offense has largely taken care of the ball as well, and Russell Wilson has been efficient this year. Right now, who would want to play the Denver Broncos? They have a good QB. Their offensive line is strong. The running game is deep and bruising. Defensively, the pass rush is aggressive and the unit forces a ton of turnovers.


The Broncos have embraced being an old-school, aggressive football team, and it's been a winning formula. At 7-6, their record isn't anything special, but who would want to play this team? Sean Payton has clearly found the winning formula and is driving that into the ground. It'd be a travesty if the Denver Broncos didn't clinch a playoff spot this year.

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