Denver Broncos appear to embrace new culture change with unique new slogan

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During OTAs, some Broncos' players could be seen sporting shirts that appear to be brand-new for this year, and they sport a unique, new slogan that might be the change the team needs.

A new culture is exactly what the Denver Broncos need after last year's carnival experience with Nathaniel Hackett. Sean Payton is the new man in the building, and the returns seem positive so far.

I think it's clear that the Broncos are establishing an identity on offense with their free agent signings, and their coaching staff features a great mix of young and veteran coaches.

I trust Sean Payton to be able to enact the proper change for the team that has needed it for years now. New signee and Dalton Risner replacement Ben Powers could be seen sporting a shirt with the Broncos' logo that says "Uncommon" on it.

When asked what that meant or to describe the shirt, here's what Powers had to say:

Honestly, your initial reaction might be to roll your eyes that the Broncos are attaching themselves to more buzzy words and catchphrases after last year's mess, but this is what NFL teams do all the time.

They have slogans, words, quotes all over their facilities, so seeing attire like this is not... uncommon.

I think this is a welcome change, and I love seeing stuff like this because I trust the people inside the building now to hold up what they say. Sean Payton is one of the most decorated head coaches in the NFL in 2023, so it's not like the team is just plucking things out of thin air.

I'm not saying Denver is going to race to the Super Bowl this year, but establishing a culture and having a method to the madness, if you will, is a great thing. I'd say that most professional sports teams do have some sort of slogan, catchphrase, or otherwise that helps them along in their day-to-day operation.

I mean, for goodness sake, each NFL team has its own hashtag on Twitter, and some teams use that phrase regularly. Chiefs Kingdom, Broncos Country, Go Birds, etc. Before bashing the Broncos for something like this, take some time to evaluate what this could mean for an NFL team looking to dig themselves out of a seven-year hole.

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