Denver Broncos 5 stock up, 3 stock down following upset victory over Bills

Who's stock is moving up or down this week following an upset win over the Buffalo Bills on Monday Night Football?

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The Denver Broncos have won their third game in a row and fourth on the season against an explosive Buffalo Bills team that looked out of sorts on Monday Night Football against Vance Joseph's defense. From the coaching to the execution by the players on the field, this is a win the Broncos can proudly hang their hats on as they travel back home to take on the 6-4 Minnesota Vikings on a short week.

Despite penalties and discipline seemingly becoming an issue again, the team was on the road in a very tough environment in Buffalo. While the offense does continue to have its inconsistencies, Denver seems to be trending in the right direction with Sean Payton leading the way.

Denver Broncos Stock Up following win over Bills:

QB Russell Wilson

Completing 24 of his 29 pass attempts while stepping up in the pocket and rushing nine times for 30 yards, quarterback Russell Wilson had himself a much better performance against Buffalo's defense as opposed to the previous two games. This was one of the few games where Wilson's stat line told the full story rather than most of his completions coming from behind the line of scrimmage and not having to manage much in the passing game.

When the lights were the brightest, Wilson made some incredible throws and scrambles and truly was a difference-maker in the contest. Monday night's game was arguably one of Wilson's best games as the quarterback of the Denver Broncos.