2 Broncos on thin ice (& 3 stars) from shocking Week 10 win vs. Bills

Which Denver Broncos stood out for better or worse against the Bills?

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The Denver Broncos won a stunning game on Monday Night Football on the road against the Buffalo Bills. Just let it all sink in for a moment, Broncos Country. The same team that gave up 70 points to the Miami Dolphins earlier in the season has now beaten the Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills in consecutive games. But the reality is, it's not the same team that lost 70-20 to the Miami Dolphins. This Denver Broncos team looks like a completely different group out there and they are playing some great football over the last month.

Is it always pretty? It rarely is in the NFL. Winning is extremely hard to do, especially when you're talking about the opponents the Broncos have faced in recent weeks.

As we look back at the team's performance against the Bills, which players stood out for better or worse?

Denver Broncos stars and some on thin ice after Bills win

Star: Russell Wilson

Say what you want about Russell Wilson at this point, but the guy is playing some good football. One of the things I see on Twitter (or X) a lot these days is this idea that Russell Wilson's stats are not telling the "full story" or they are "misleading" in some way, and I think that's just bad analysis. I don't know if there's anyone in the NFL whose stats more accurately describe the way he's played than Russell Wilson.

Wilson is completing a relatively high percentage of his passes (67.9 percent), he's throwing touchdowns at a very high rate (6.9 percent), he's not throwing the ball into harm's way (4 INTs in 9 games), and he's not throwing for many yards at all (200.7). If his yards per game of 200.7 holds up, it will be the second-lowest of his NFL career after just his rookie season with Seattle.

But Russell Wilson has been efficient and he's been clutch in big situations lately. We can complain all we want about the passing game not being dynamic at this point. The Broncos are looking more like a Big Ten team than the 2013 juggernaut of a passing attack. But it's been a winning formula lately, and Russell Wilson is doing his job better than most QBs in the league right now.