Denver Broncos 5 biggest organizational failures since Super Bowl 50

The Denver Broncos have made this bed, and they need to sleep in it.

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The Denver Broncos have been arguably the worst franchise in the NFL since Peyton Manning retired following the Super Bowl season in 2015. Let's list the biggest organizational failures of the team. Between John Elway, Joe Ellis, and George Paton, these three men feel the most responsible for the current state of the Denver Broncos.

Sean Payton hasn't been with the team for a year yet, so I don't think he holds much blame at all. Obviously, his hiring Vance Joseph was a huge misstep, but much bigger mistakes have been made before that hire. Ever since Peyton Manning retired after the 2015 Super Bowl season, it honestly feels like the Denver Broncos have been cursed.

What was John Elway up to? Did he sell his soul for the Super Bowl? Did he make a deal with the Football D*vil? Man, I just don't know. I mean, it's cool that Denver has won a Super Bowl within the last decade. 90% of NFL teams cannot say that. Either way, the Denver Broncos have made some huge mistakes since the 2016 offseason.

Let's outline the biggest, in order.

Denver Broncos: Biggest organizational failures since the 2015 Super Bowl season

1. Trading up to draft Paxton Lynch in 2016

Paxton Lynch was a huge miss. He's honestly one of the worst QBs in NFL history, right? Lynch was a John Elway Special. He was big, could move, and had a heck of an arm. However, just because someone has the tools, doesn't mean they develop, and that was the case for Lynch, who had two offseasons to beat out Trevor Siemian and couldn't do it.

Therer were rumors, reports, rumblings, whatever you want to call them that the Denver Broncos were interested in Dak Prescott, but his DUI arrest back in 2016 seemed to turn them off. And, to make matters worse, there were also some rumors that the Dallas Cowboys were interested in Lynch.

Oh, what could have been. This was the first major mistake after the 2015 SB season. It was devastatingly bad.