Denver Broncos 3 trade ideas with the Los Angeles Rams in 2023

Could the Denver Broncos strike up any trades with the typically trade-happy LA Rams in 2023?

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Denver Broncos 3 trade ideas with the Los Angeles Rams in 2023

3. Denver Broncos trade for DT Aaron Donald

I saved the best for last. Aaron Donald nearly retired last year but did come back, so I will say right off the bat, there is a huge concern, in this wild scenario, how much longer Donald would play for. Perhaps being traded to a contender would reignite his desire to win more.

Aaron Donald is arguably the best defensive player in the history of the NFL and might be one of the 10 best NFL players ever. There is literally nothing he has not done in the NFL, capped off by the Los Angeles Rams winning the Super Bowl back in 2021.

If the Rams' season begins poorly and does not get better by the trade deadline, you bet that teams will be calling LA about the availability of the former Pittsburgh Panther. Over the course of his career, this is what Aaron Donald has done:

Nine Pro Bowls, seven All-Pros, three-time Defensive Player of the Year, Defensive Rookie of the Year, Hall of Game All-2010s Team, 103 regular season sacks, 237 QB hits, 160 tackles for loss, eight total games missed.

This is an incredible resume for Donald, who can play all along the defensive line. He's played both tackle and d-end during his time in the NFL and is entering his age-32 season. The big thing here would be what I mentioned before about how much longer he'd even want to play for, and the cost to acquire Donald.


If Aaron Donald did come to the Rams and ask for a trade, I think they'd agree and trade him to his team of choice. He's earned that opportunity. Well, what if he wants to play for the Denver Broncos? You never know. Donald might see a reinvigorated Broncos team under Sean Payton and may think that Denver gives him the best chance to win another Super Bowl.

If there was anything better than being considered a first-ballot Hall of Famer, Donald would be that. He's a graduate of Penn Hills High School (where I taught for a year) and is an insane player.

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