Denver Broncos may never "rebuild" in the Sean Payton era

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The Sean Payton era might be a time of great success for the Denver Broncos, and I think it'll also be a time when the team will never try to not be competitive. Obviously, an NFL team isn't going to come out and say "OK, so this year is a wash for us, we're looking towards the future," but it's abundantly clear that a team like the Arizona Cardinals are doing just that, for example.

They're still going to try and win every game, but they are clearly still a few years away from contention in all likelihood. With the Broncos' current situation, I don't really think we'll see much of that. I think, unless something major happens in the next couple of seasons, we'll see the Broncos continually add to their roster in ways that'll make them competitive each year.

I don't think we'll ever see the team embrace anything resembling a rebuild as long as Sean Payton is in town. I think this for a couple of reasons. I'm not just saying this because I have a hunch. I do think there is reason to believe that Denver is full steam ahead for now and in the future.

The first reason I think this is because Sean Payton turns 60 years old in December. Perhaps that sounds naive to you, but I don't think a coach who may not have more than five or so years left as a HC in the NFL is going to want to wait around for a rebuild to finally come together. There really is no indication how much longer Payton wants to coach for, as his children are older, so that likely won't be an issue, but he's a 60-year-old man. That's old, folks.

Payton might not see a future for himself being a head coach in the NFL past 65 or 67 years old. Perhaps I'm wrong and Payton is a football lifer, but maybe I'm not. It'd be a lot different if Payton was 45 years old again and had more time to craft the roster to his liking. I think his age is a valid reason here.

The next reason why I think the Denver Broncos won't ever rebuild in the Sean Payton era is because they simply may not ever need to. Payton's teams in New Orleans were competitive year after year as evidenced by Payton winning over 60% of his games in the NFL having a winning playoff record. He's proven to be a good enough coach that maybe the Broncos are a competitive team each season. The degree of competitiveness is not known yet, but as I mentioned before, unless something truly major happens, I don't think the Broncos will ever be in the business of rebuilding under Sean Payton.

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