Denver Broncos 3 trade ideas for disgruntled RB Saquon Barkley

- Blockbuster deal for Saquon?

- WR on the move?

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Denver Broncos: 3 trade ideas for disgruntled RB Saquon Barkley

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In a rare player-for-player trade, the Giants get a legitimate wide receiver on their roster and the Broncos obviously land Barkley. With the additions of Marquez Callaway and Marvin Mims Jr this offseason, I do think the Broncos have room to part with a wide receiver, especially if they were to get someone like Barkley back, who is a very good receiving back.

The Giants have virtually nothing at wide receiver. Their best pass catcher is Darren Waller, who turns 31 years old this season, so they have to add to this position at some point. Sutton would give them a nice jump ball player who is very good at separating and would surely have a featured role in the offense.

The Broncos could run with Jerry Jeudy, Tim Patrick, and either Mims or Callaway as their top trio of wide receivers. Having Barkley in the backfield with Javonte Williams would be absolutely unfair to opposing defenses. Obviously in every trade idea, Denver is going to have to sign Barkley to a long-term extension, but unloading a big contract like Sutton's would help them being able to do that.

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In the biggest trade proposal, the Giants get rid of Barkley, who they can't agree to an extension with at this point, and Leonard Williams, their talented DE who is entering the last year of his own contract. In return, the Giants get the Broncos' first-round pick in 2024. Williams just turned 29, so his age is getting up there a bit, but the Giants may not extend him this year. There's been no momentum to indicate that Williams is staying in New York past this year.

And the same goes for Barkley, too, so the Giants may feel like it's best to get something for each player instead of them leaving in free agency next year. The Broncos would have a ton of work to do to retain each player beyond this year, which would surely be a challenge, but if they are serious about winning and want to open their SB window more, they should make this trade. At best, you have two of the best players in the NFL at their respective positions, and you only gave up a first-round pick.


A first-round pick is very valuable, but so are elite players. This is a proposal worth looking into, especially with a young GM like Joe Schoen. I have a feeling newer GMs might be easier to work with than veteran ones like Howie Roseman. Should the Broncos make this trade?

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