Denver Broncos: 3 big changes we can see in the next year

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Denver Broncos: 3 big changes we can see in the next year
2. George Paton gets the boot

If the 2023 season does go south, that would be 3/3 seasons for George Paton as GM of the Denver Broncos where he'd have a losing record. Again, like Wilson, Paton does not have many connections to Sean Payton, and with Payton having the last say with the roster, he might want to bring in someone he's worked with before in New Orleans.

This isn't to say that Paton is a bad GM; in fact, I think it's the complete opposite. He's appeared to have done very well in the draft and has been able to bring in quality free agents. He did miss a big head coaching hire and the Russell Wilson trade doesn't look good, but I think Paton is someone that could surely acquire a new GM job if he was fired by the Broncos.

After having John Elway as the GM for about a decade, going through Paton in just three years would be a shock. Paton has interviewed for a ton of openings over the years and ultimately decided to take the Broncos' job in 2021.

He is widely regarded around the NFL and seems to be very respected, so we're not talking about someone who doesn't know what he's doing, but Paton might be on the move in 2024 if the 202e season doesn't go well.