Denver Broncos 2024 season could set up a huge Super Bowl window for the future

Super Bowl???
Denver Broncos
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The Denver Broncos 2024 season could change the direction of the franchise for the next decade. Could the team actually have a Super Bowl window open after this year? Many in the fanbase are rightfully a bit scarred from the last chunk of Broncos football. Losing record after losing record, Denver has the second-longest active playoff drought streak in the NFL.

And amongst all the losing has been a revolving door at QB and head coach. Well, don't look now, but for 2024 and beyond, the Denver Broncos might not only have their long-term solution at head coach, but a long-term solution at QB. I think Broncos fans are rightfully skeptical of Bo Nix; and it's not his fault or the fans' fault. Until Nix can prove his worth in the NFL, the Broncos QB position is uncertain.

But what is truly unfair is using prior QB seasons for the Broncos to motivate or mold an opinion about how you think Nix and the Broncos will do. Just because Denver has, well, stunk for years, doesn't mean 2024 has to be more of the same. In fact, what is stopping the 2024 Denver Broncos from being the 2023 Houston Texans?

What is getting in their way of doing that? They have a head coach who has won a Super Bowl and over 60% of his games in the NFL. They've got a rookie QB who fits the offense quite well, and an improved roster. In fact, even if you may not believe it now, an encouraging 2024 season could rip open a huge Super Bowl window for the Broncos.

They are set to have a good bit of cap space in 2025 and may also have a stud QB on a rookie deal. I do believe that Sean Payton and the Broncos front office were planning on 2025 being the first year of that window opening; if you look at the timing of everything they've done since Sean Payton got here, 2025 may have been the year they were eye-balling.

Now the ball is very much in Bo Nix's court here. If Nix implodes, the Broncos are in trouble, but why can't he succeed? And why can't the team have a huge Super Bowl window open?