Denver Broncos 2024 draft could be most important in team history

Could this be the most important NFL Draft in the history of the Denver Broncos?
Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos / Matthew Stockman/GettyImages

The Denver Broncos are in an extremely crucial time for their franchise, and their 2024 NFL Draft could be the most important in the team's history. Acquiring Russell Wilson two years ago seemed to be the positive shift that the team needed, and it was further bolstered by hiring Nathaniel Hackett.

Everything seemed A-OK in Broncos Country until the team actually took the field. The 2022 season was a total crap-shoot, and the Broncos essentially had to start-over with the Russell Wilson era in 2023. However, Wilson appears to have been damaged goods from the beginning, as not even Sean Payton could turn him back into a viable, starting QB.

And now, the Broncos are set to endure a record NFL dead cap hit of $85 million with their release of Russell WIlson, one of the boldest moves in NFL history. Approaching the 2024 NFL Draft, the Denver Broncos hold the 12th overall pick in what appears to be a very strong QB draft. It's no hyperbole to suggest that this draft is the most important in team history.

Why wouldn't it be? If the Broncos draft and hit on a rookie QB, the franchise could get changed as drastically we saw the Houston Texans back in 2023. If the Broncos draft and miss on a rookie QB, the team could again be back to square one, and even the head coach's seat probably begins to heat up.

There is a ton at stake, and I hope that the front office is approaching it that way. Denver getting back into relevancy can happen as soon as this year, but them falling even further into the abyss can also happen this year. Denver is truly at that crossroad path right now. On the left is prosperity and long-term contention.

And on the right side lays the path of misery. The Broncos are already miles into that path, and they could go even further down that path if this NFL Draft is not what it needs to be.