Deion Sanders comes to bat for Sean Payton, Denver Broncos

Coach Prime wouldn't let the media razz Sean Payton and the Broncos

Denver Broncos
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Deion Sanders and the Colorado Buffaloes got themselves a large slice of humble pie on Saturday last week as they got absolutely bludgeoned by the Oregon Ducks to the tune of 42-6. And still, that loss pales in comparison to the beating the Denver Broncos took at the hands of the Miami Dolphins on Sunday afternoon, suffering an embarrassing 70-20 defeat in Miami.

But don't try to take jabs at the Denver Broncos to Coach Prime. He's not having it.

In a recent press conference, Sanders was asked about the 70-20 loss the Broncos suffered against the Miami Dolphins on Sunday, and he gave a pretty direct response.

"Leave my guy alone. Leave my guy alone. I love the Broncos, you know I love their coach, and Sean Payton's my guy. He's gonna get it right, I promise you that. I believe in Sean Payton."

Deion Sanders

Sanders expressed belief in Denver Broncos head coach Sean Payton, and I don't think anyone would really dispute that at this point. For his part, Sean Payton has seemingly given the Denver Broncos a legitimate offense again. Russell Wilson looks like the player we all knew in Seattle. Marvin Mims has been more exciting in three games than most Broncos offensive players have been the last seven years.

Payton's area of expertise is obviously on the offensive side of the ball, but he's also obviously the head coach. He shoulders his share of the blame for the Broncos being as bad as they are at this point, which largely seems to stem from a decision to hire Vance Joseph and ask him to run a version of the Vic Fangio defense. Schematically, it's hard to know exactly what the Broncos are running or trying to run right now because it has been so embarrassingly and excruciatingly bad.

There must be some type of scheme somewhere in there.

At the end of the day, Deion Sanders's belief in Sean Payton may only be a slight bright spot for Denver Broncos fans, if it's a bright spot at all. Fans of CU and the Denver Broncos were undoubtedly heartbroken after a weekend of football where their teams lost by nearly 90 combined points, but in the grand scheme of things, it's just one loss.


That's not to diminish the way the Broncos lost against the Dolphins -- it was problematic to be certain -- but there is undoubtedly still time to turn things around. Which also means there's time for things to get even worse.

The Broncos keep finding new rock bottoms to hit. Hopefully Coach Prime is right, and Sean Payton will "get it right" sooner rather than later.

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