DeAndre Hopkins release is bad news for the Denver Broncos

Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals
Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals / Michael Owens/GettyImages

The Arizona Cardinals have made a slightly shocking decision to release wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins, a player they acquired in a blockbuster trade just a few years back. Although every fan base is going to be clamoring for their team to sign Hopkins, there's already a known list of teams Hopkins has said he would want to play for out in the open. The Denver Broncos probably aren't thrilled about it.

Among the teams Hopkins has stated he would play for are two of the Denver Broncos' most bitter AFC West rivals -- the Kansas City Chiefs and Los Angeles Chargers.


To keep him off the Denver Broncos' schedule entirely this season, he would have to sign with the Philadelphia Eagles. That would be fun to see, so hopefully Jalen Hurts can convince Hopkins to stay in the NFC and move out East. According to Hopkins' Instagram account, he's been doing some training this offseason with New York Giants running back Saquon Barkley as well, so perhaps there are other options on the table that he didn't mention in the "I Am Athlete" podcast.

The ugly reality of the situation is that the Kansas City Chiefs could actually make a ton of sense on paper for Hopkins. They do boast an interesting group of young receivers but Hopkins could clearly come in and be the 1B to Travis Kelce's 1A in the passing attack for KC:

- Skyy Moore
- Kadarius Toney
- Rashee Rice
- Marquez Valdes-Scantling

The Los Angeles Chargers don't seem to be much of a fit at this point after drafting Quentin Johnston in round one and figuring out a way to bring back Keenan Allen on a reworked deal. But the Chiefs? Now they make a lot of sense.

Another team that makes a lot of sense is the Buffalo Bills, a team that has long been rumored to be interested in Hopkins. Von Miller posted the eyes emoji on his Twitter page shortly after Hopkins was released, so perhaps Miller is doing some recruiting to get Hopkins to come to Buffalo.

If that happens, the Broncos would presumably take on Hopkins during their Week 10 matchup against the Bills on Monday Night Football.

The worst-case scenario for the Broncos, however, would be Hopkins to the Kansas City Chiefs. They would undoubtedly like to avoid that at all costs. Hopkins hasn't been the same dominant type of player the last couple of seasons due to injuries or suspension, but imagining him playing in Andy Reid's offense with Patrick Mahomes throwing him passes?

Well, that could unlock a second resurgence for Hopkins' overall career.

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