Creating the ultimate Broncos' offensive lineup in the post-Peyton Manning era

Let's take it back to 2016 and see what kind of offensive lineup we can make

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Let's have a bit of fun here with this article and only use players from the post-Manning era, in an effort to create the best possible Denver Broncos' offensive lineup. There has been so much turnover on offense for the Denver Broncos ever since 2016, the first year without Peyton Manning and the year after their Super Bowl-winning season in 2015.

Between the countless offensive linemen and quarterbacks, it seems like every year there are some new faces at both positions. Well, Denver does have a good bit of turnover on offense this year, which can definitely help. Russell Wilson remains under center, three starters return on the offensive line, and there are a bunch of skill players who are back again.

Using only players from 2016-present, let's create the best possible offensive lineup for the Denver Broncos.

Creating the ultimate Broncos' offensive lineup in the post-Peyton Manning era

Quarterback: Teddy Bridgewater

You might not want to hear it, but no, Trevor Siemian, Drew Lock, and Russell Wilson were not and are currently not better with the Denver Broncos than Teddy Bridgewater was in 2021. Bridgewater was average at best, but he wasn't inefficient. He tossed 18 touchdowns on seven interceptions and earned a passer rating of 94.9.

Statistically, he was efficient, but the lack of an ability to push the ball down the field and a lack of that "oompf" in his game is why Bridgewater has never been viewed as a franchise QB. He's a high-end backup/spot starter type of player who recently signed with the Detroit Lions.

Running back: Javonte Williams

I think Javonte Williams has been the best running back for the Denver Broncos since 2016. Melvin Gordon almost got the nod, but he simply could not hold onto the football in Denver and was inefficient on the ground for the team in 2022. Williams is now apparently 100% recovered from his torn ACL and should slide into the RB1 role when 2023 begins.

Hopefully, he's able to pick up where he left off in 2022. At his best, there might not be five other running backs who are better pure runners than Javonte Williams. He's still in his early 20s and is in a very nice situation on offense.