Crazy scenario where Broncos can win the AFC West still possible

The Broncos are still alive in the NFL Playoff race despite losing against the Patriots on Christmas Eve. It is a tougher path, but not impossible ...

QB1 Jarrett Stidham
QB1 Jarrett Stidham / Justin Edmonds/GettyImages

Despite the quarterback news announced on Wednesday and a 7-8 win-loss record, the Denver Broncos are still alive in the NFL playoff contention. Denver's path to the Playoffs would have been easier if they defeated the Patriots on Christmas Eve, but since they did not ...

There are two games left still in the regular season. Week 17 against the Los Angeles Chargers at home. Week 18 on the road against the Las Vegas Raiders.

The Broncos can make the Playoffs as the AFC West division champion or as a wild card. With that being said, here is how the Denver Broncos can get a ticket to the playoffs.

1. AFC West division champions

The AFC West standings as of today are the following ...

1. Kansas City Chiefs (9-6)
2. Las Vegas Raiders (7-8) - Head-to-head matchup against the Broncos
3. Denver Broncos (7-8)
4. Los Angeles Chargers (5-10)

The Broncos have played four out of their six division games so far. They have lost against the Raiders (week 1) and Chiefs (week 6), and won against the Chiefs (week 8), and the Chargers (week 14). If they win out (win their last two games), and Kansas City does not win any of their last two games ... the Broncos would be AFC West champions for the first time since the Super Bowl 50 season. It is as simple as that. Both teams (Broncos and Chiefs) would finish with the same win-loss record, 9-8, but Denver would have a better division record (4-2) than Kansas City (3-3).

Kansas City is 1-3 in their last four games, and their final two games are against the Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Chargers.

2. Wild Card (6th seed):

Thanks to their conference record, Denver would make the Playoffs as a wild card, to be specific as the 6th seed if they win out, and the following happens ...

1. The Bills lose their final two games. At home against the Patriots, and at the Dolphins
2. The Steelers lose their final two games. Seahawks, and Ravens. Both games are on the road.
3. The Bengals lose at least one of their final two games or both games. At Chiefs, and home against the Browns.
4. One or two teams in the AFC South to lose out. It would be better if Jacksonville and the loser from Texans vs Colts game.


Denver would have a better conference record than the Bills and Bengals, and a better record than the Steelers. Also, they would have the head-to-head matchup against Buffalo.

It is a tougher scenario, but it is also possible.

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