Could Tom Brady's stake in Raiders re-ignite Peyton Manning rivalry?

AFC Championship - New England Patriots v Denver Broncos
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With Tom Brady buying a stake in the Las Vegas Raiders, could Peyton Manning re-ignite an old rivalry by joining the Broncos ownership?

Recently, it was announced that Tom Brady would be joining the Las Vegas Raiders with a stake in their ownership. The 7-time Super Bowl Champion formally "retired" from the NFL this off-season after a successful 3-year stint in Tampa Bay. While he never suited up for the Silver and Black (yet), his ties to Las Vegas were obvious. With Josh McDaniels and Dave Ziegler running the show, Brady had two big supporters in Sin City.

While recent reports point to a possible return to the field (Thanks, Jimmy), Brady appears firmly set on becoming a part of the Raiders ownership group. Assuming his association with the Raiders stays off of the field, does this spark a potential return of two famous rivalries?

Yes, the Broncos/Raiders rivalry has never really gone away. However, could Peyton Manning potentially joining the Broncos ownership in the future rekindle one of the most iconic rivalries in NFL history? For the better part of their careers, Brady and Manning bashed helmets against each other in several classic match-ups. Whether they were leading record-setting offenses or winning titles in multiple cities, both Quarterbacks found a way to magnetize their battles.

With 13 Conference titles and 8 Super Bowl wins accumulated during their AFC tenures, The Brady-Manning rivalry is the most decorated in NFL History. Could those numbers be inflated by both of them potentially joining ownership groups? Since they purchased the team in August of last year, rumors have swirled about the Walton-Penner Group wanting to bring in the HOF QB as part of their Ownership Group. With names like Louis Hamilton, Mellody Hobson, and Condoleeza Rice a part of the fray, Peyton Manning becoming a part-owner of the Denver Broncos would be the shiny cherry atop the already stellar collection of people running the team. The former Bronco has laid roots in Denver, keeping a permanent residence and choosing to raise his kids in the Mile High City. He has kept a friendly relationship with the team, recently appearing in their schedule release video. Clearly, he has chosen Denver over Indy as his adopted home city. So does this mean that he'll join the Broncos as a part owner?

Of course not. In one of their first press conferences after purchasing the team, Greg Penner alluded that nobody else would be joining the ownership group... At that time. One can't help but think that conversations have been had, though.

Peyton Manning has, and always will be, one of the greatest ambassadors for the sport. His presence on any team would be an immediate boost to their brand. Having him rejoin the Broncos in this capacity would be a gigantic win for all involved. So, why haven't we heard more about its possibility? Well, it could be as simple as the timing of the matter. The Walton-Penner ownership group is still within the first calendar year of its tenure in Denver. Perhaps they want to put a winning product on the field before they include more "cooks" in their kitchen. Maybe Peyton feels the same way and resists such a move until the team is more competitive.

It could also be that he wants to explore other opportunities with the media. With his production company gaining steam, perhaps it's taking more of his time than initially expected. Lastly, he may be happy being a dad and wants to be hands-off from all football activities for a while. Regardless of the reason, it's apparent that now is not the time for Peyton Manning to become a part owner of the Denver Broncos.

Will there be a day where that changes? We can all hope so. Imagine Brady and Manning in opposing press boxes during game day, thinking of different ways that they can make their roster superior. With their amount of history and competitiveness built in them, it's safe to assume that they'd be a fantastic sounding board for their respective ownership groups. Great Quarterbacks never lose their edge, even when they stop playing. Look at John Elway. He may be the best example of a former player becoming a successful executive off the field.

The greats never lose their thirst to compete. With Tom Brady reportedly joining the Raiders ownership group, you have to think that it puts a new spark into Peyton Manning's mind. Broncos-Raiders is one of the most historic rivalries in the NFL, that we all know. However, the light that shone on such a rivalry could never be as bright as it would be with two hall of famers staring each other down from the sidelines.

A rivalry renewed, led by two all time greats. Talk about must see TV.

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